Slimming Body Wrap

BEST-LASER-LIPOThe Slimming Swedish Body Wrap

This treatment detoxifies,firms and tightens skin and gives immediate inch loss from water retention and toxins. Lose 5-15 inches in less than an hour! Kick start a fitness or weight loss program, stay motivated, fit into your outfit for that special event, firm up your skin and diminish cellulite and stretch marks.

Full body $155 Two Areas $95 Three areas $125


Why is the Slimming Swedish Body Wrap so unique?

This bodywrap can achieve an inch loss in a single session of 6-20 inches as measured over multiple points. We always get inch loss, so we’ve never needed to guarantee it. Since everyone has a different body shape and tissue and it is impossible to analyze that shape without seeing you, we do not predict inch loss over the phone! You’ll lose the most where you have the most to lose – and you know the best where that is!

The inch loss achieved from the body wrap can last up to 3 months as long as you maintain your current weight and a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most body treatments this bodywrap does not require a shower post treatment.

Unlike Suddenly Slimmer (Victoria Morton) and Rapid Results bodywraps, there is no sauna suit to wear, no exercising while wrapped, and no baggies wrapped around your feet and hands filled with detox liquid. Instead, our wrap process uses a warm clay mask and a warm relaxing infrared blanket that you lie your body in to reap benefits of steam and infrared that detoxifies your body internally and externally.

How does the Body Wrap work?

The Slimming Swedish Wrap System cleans clogged tissues allowing for the body’s natural elastin to firm up and help hold the new contours shaped by the compression bodywraps. Toxins are stored in the fluids between fat cells when the skin and lymphatic system become overloaded. These toxic deposits slow down the skin’s ability to eliminate waste and inhibit elastic fibers from holding and maintaining a smooth and firm shape. The Slimming Swedish Body Wrap helps eliminate the problem of toxin build-up by detoxifying the tissue and retraining the lymphatic system.

What will the Body Wrap process be like?

Please do not moisturize the morning of your wrap. Ladies may wear panties or panties and a bra. You may use our disposable spa thong, or bring your own lingerie to change into after the bodywrap, as yours will be damp afterwards. As all of our technicians are female, gentlemen must wear either their own dark briefs or their own running shorts – no boxers, please.
The bodywrap technician will weigh you, measure you in multiple areas, apply an amino nutrient and citrus solution to your skin to open your pores, then apply the Slimming Swedish mineral clay mask. You will be firmly but comfortably wrapped in elastic and linen bodywraps soaked in a warm amino nutrient solution and tucked into a warm bed to relax for 30 minutes. Most clients take the opportunity to nap within the session. After you are unwrapped, the bodywrap technician will measure you again to calculate your inch loss. You may then return to work or go about your day. The process ranges from one hour to 1.5 hours depending on areas treated.


  • Slimming/Inch loss
  • Body Contouring
  • Detoxification
  • Stimulation of the Lymphatic System
  • Skin Firming
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Redefinition of Skin Texture