Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Just a few testimonials from our awesome clients!

11/5/14 I purchased the Groupon Hair removal deal and I am so impressed with the results. Not to mention the amazing service I have received thus far… In addition to the hair removal I scheduled a massage to be done on the same day …Which was today … I walked out of the SPA floating on cloud 9 … I would highly recommend Spa Catalina to anyone. Special note: I still have 2 hair removal sessions left and I am writing this review. I have no doubts the quality of service will continue. very accommodating to men … I had never visited a spa before and it was rather intimidating at first, the owner knows and addresses me by name now !! great place.-German
10/11/14 Always professional, very nice, very sweet ladies. I’ve been going for over a year now for the Swedish wraps. They help take an inch or two off my mid section for fitness tests. Nice facility, good prices, I’ll definitely stay a customer.- Lange P
5/12/14 I’ve been a regular client at Spa Catalina for over a year and a half. I joined their Membership program and started a monthly facial regimen about a year ago for reoccurring acne along my chin. Alternating between Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning and the Aqua Facial, I’ve seen marked improvement in the quality of my skin tone and now have very few breakouts. I’ve enjoyed a variety of their other services as well. I tried the Slimming Body Wrap prior to a holiday event and was thrilled to be 7 inches smaller around my waist, hips and thighs after the treatment. I regularly get a Brazilian Wax and have always found the technician efficient and thorough. Scheduling appointments can be a little tricky at times, especially when I try to squeeze my facial and wax maintenance into the same day, but the ladies there are always very courteous and do their best to accommodate me. – Tammy P.
2/4/13 I first found Spa Catalina on Groupon for laser hair removal. Started with bikini and now doing brazillian after my second visit. I have been three times and I love the professional environment. All the staff are so friendly, erica and all her team are great! My treatments have all been quick and easy! I have noticed a remarkable transformation in my hair growth and can’t wait to finish off the rest of my treatments to see the outcome! I also decided to try their full body slimming wrap a month ago before a wedding I went to and felt AMAZING afterwards! I trimmed three inches! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for laser hair removal and their wraps. I have not tried the facials or other laser treatments but with the way they run this place I’m sure they are just as great. Even though their location is North Kansas City, MO and I live South Kansas City, MO I will always drive the distance for the exceptional service I have found here. THANK YOU SPA CATALINA FOR MAKING MY FIRST LASER HAIR REMOVAL EXPERIENCE WONDERFUL!! -Shales DC
5/4/13 I first went to Spa Catalina 8 years ago by chance – as a new business owner, Erica was selling introductory packages in my downtown office building. Being a Northlander, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase 4 spa services for $59, and each time I went to the spa I left happy with the service I received. Over the past 8 years, I have continued to be a very satisfied client of Erica and her staff. I’ve had numerous spa treatments, given gift cards to friends, and treated my daughter to a wedding day package at the spa. Never have I seen or sensed the type of negativity expressed by some of the reviews below. As I always tell Erica, “it makes me happy to just walk in to the spa!” Erica is a wonderful hostess twice a year to her clients for an open house, where she gives away treatments, gift cards and friendship. If you haven’t tried Spa Catalina, you should! -Rhonda G

3/2/13 I have been going to Spa Catalina since it opened, and have been seeing Erica for appointments even before she opened the spa, so we are talking over 10 years. I always experience the best of care and services. They are always kind, professional, and accomodating. I have received many different services from the spa, and I am always pleased. I love the facial with the Plasma Ablation! People notice and say,” Your skin looks great! What do you do?” I swear, it will take 5 years or more off your face and it has lasting effects. Please try it. You will be amazed! Joyce B.

6/4/13 I have been going to Spa Catalina since it opened several years ago and have referred several close friends. Erica and company are always careful to make sure that you understand the procedure you have asked for in addition to making sure that the end results meet reasonable expectations. It is an intimate & relaxing setting. I am always warmly greeted when I come in for an appointment. All services received are great but the last tints are beyond remarkable. I have been to many day and ranch spa’s over the years but Spa Catalina is the one I always come back to in Kansas City. – Marsha J.
1/4/12 I love going to the spa!
The staff is always very friendly and really seem to care about me as a person.
I’ve had horrible acne for years and all the ladies there worked hard to find different things that would really help my skin. As well as making sure I could afford them since I am only a senior in highschool. I really appricate everything they have done for me, they have changed my life! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE -Jordan
5/15/12 I have actually found the staff to be friendly, asking me if i needed water or anything as i checked in. I always have very little wait and the tech is friendly and happy. I spend about 15 min each session for my chin hair removal. I honestly don’t really need to do anything between treatments anymore, the hair is gone, not growing at all and the laser is REALLY doing its job. – Erin E.
2/4/12 Love this place! The IPL works. The staff are awesome. They smile when they greet you, they talk you through the procedure, and the restrooms are clean and have toiletries to freshen up before and after. -Melissa A.
5/6/12 Well worth the money spent! Bought a groupon for the hair removal and am offically hair free -Amy K.
11/12/12 Let me start out by saying that they have AMAZING service! The girls are always super nice and have given me individual attention each time I have been in for laser treatments. They are always polite. I have had three different techs in my six visits. Each and every one of them has engaged me in conversation to help keep me distracted from my treatment during the procedure making it all that much more pleasant. I feel that they have been even nicer to me as a groupon member and thought that maybe it was to encourage me to purchase more from them. If that’s so, then it worked! I will definitely be a very happy, repeat customer! -Michelle L
2/12/11 “I’ve been going to Spa Catalina for years and I absolutely love the improvements to my skin. Their treatments are state of the art and are given by expert technicians. It is also a very friendly and comfortable place to be. I love it!”Jojesta
12/20/11 Purchased my groupon. have had 5 treatments now and I am close to HAIR FREE on my Neck!
9/10/11 The staff is fantastic!!! Always a fun atompshere to go into!
1/6/11 Have reccomended all my friends to go!!
4/1/09 “I love this place, they provide excellent service and really make sure you are taken care of and happy when you go in for any spa service. I have gotten a massage, and waxing here before and I will keep going back for all of my beauty needs!” Katie P.
8/19/10 “Awesome!!! Love, love, love Spa Catalina.” Chandra W.